Wine in one hour

Online wine course for beginners
Only in 60 minutes you will learn
How wine is made
You will understand how wine is made and why winemakers add sulfur dioxide. Learn 4 colors of wine and what style wine can be.
Main grape varieties
80% of all wines in the world are made from 20-25 main grape varieties. We will discuss the top 10 varieties, wines from different countries, sparkling and dessert wines.
How to choose good wine
Right after watching the course, you will be able to choose good wine in a store or a restaurant. You will learn how to read wine labels correctly.
How to drink and serve wine
You will learn how to taste and describe wine correctly, learn what glasses to buy and how to serve and store wine properly.
Simple, short and sweet
Our course is made in a very simple manner without using sommelier slang and difficult terms. Structured, short and sweet.

For beginners it will be easy and comfortable to study the course. For advanced wine lovers our course will help to systematize their knowledge.
Only practical information
We made the course as practical and useful as possible: after watching the video you can immediately apply new knowledge.

The course materials will help you to make a quick step from theory to practice.

Course materials
In addition to the main one-hour video the course includes:

  • A checklist of wines you should definitely try.

  • A presentation with all wine hacks so that you don't need to rewatch the video.

  • Guide to wine and food pairing.

  • Test to sum up and check your knowledge.
Captions in English and other languages
The course is in English and has English captions.

You can turn on auto-generated YouTube captions in all major languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese. If you need any other language just let us know.
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Course program
In just 60 minutes you will learn what wine is and how to start to understand it
A bit of history
Where and when did wine appear and why did the proverb "drink wine like a barbarian" originate?
What wine is
How wine is made, why there is no powdered wine (contrary to the popular myth), where the orange color of wine comes from and how soon we can expect wine from China.
What affects the price of wine
Let's talk about the factors that affect the quality and price of wine. And is cheap wine really so different from expensive?
How to taste wine the right way?
What is the nose, eye and mouth of wine, how not to get confused in aromas and what is the balance of wine, how to assess it.
How to serve wine properly?
What glasses to drink from, what temperature is perfect for different wines, how to store open wine and why you need a decanter.
How not to get confused in all the diversity
The main grape varieties (and why it is enough to know only them), and how sparkling, sweet and fortified wines differ.
How to read a wine label
What do all these letters mean in different countries and how to choose a good wine.
Main wines of different countries
What to drink from Italy and what to avoid from Russia. A short journey through the main wines of the world.
Study Options
2 options so you can quickly move from theory to practice
1-hour video in English
Checklist of wines you should definitely try
Presentation with all wine hacks
Test to sum up and check your knowledge

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1-hour video in English
Checklist of wines you should definitely try
Presentation with all wine hacks
Test to sum up and check your knowledge
Wine and food pairing Guide
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Maria Saulina, author and instructor
Hi wine lovers!

My name is Maria, I'm a wine expert and the founder of Taste&Talk company. We do wine meet ups: tastings, blind tastings, quizzes, corporate events.

I went to wine school, and I've tasted I think more than 3000 different wines. I've been to many wineries and wine places.

Being a fan of infographics and system-based approach I tried to make my courses as easy as possible. Structured, short and sweet.

“Wine in One hour" is a short course for beginners. I hope you will find it useful and exciting.

If you want to study wine deeply, please check my “Wine Lover online course" at

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