Countryside trips

Interactive tours with food and drinks tastings
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Picnics in the atmospheric Chalet
Cheerful gastro-journeys to an eco-farm in the Moscow region. We choose one of the countries of the world and taste its national dishes and drinks, and our sommeliers tell you a lot of new and interesting things about.

Gatherings by the fire under the starry sky with a glass of wine or cider, beautiful nature, delicious drinks and snacks - what else to dream of on a summer evening?
Trips to Soviet dacha
A soulful journey to an atmospheric vintage dacha with a tasting of Russian flavoured spirits (nastoikas) and traditional Russian dishes.

We'll try real Ukha (Russian fish soup) cooked outdoors on the campfire. According to the old Russian recipe you need to add vodka and a burning log to make a real Ukha. Yes, we are crazy. No, you don't need to eat a log.

We'll also drink tea from a samovar (traditional Russian kettle), delicious pies, beautiful locations and excellent nastoikas - this is the recipe for your perfectly relaxing weekend.
Trips to a cheese farm with wine tasting
Together we go to a real cheese farm to learn all the secrets of cheese production. We will try cheese with different wines and choose the best pairings.

Our sommeliers will tell you how to match cheese with wine and how to make a cheese plate. Nature, cheese, wine and some English... a cool and rewarding day off.
Trips to craft breweries and cider houses
Trips to craft breweries and cider houses to learn the secrets and steps of making your favorite drinks.

Our sommeliers will tell you a lot of new things: how to make beer with the taste of borscht or cheesecake, why cider is similar to wine, and how these drinks are made.

We will meet with a brewer or cider maker and taste fresh beer or cider.
How are these trips are going?
  • What is it?
    A perfect weekend away from the hustle of the city: we taste various drinks and dishes, enjoy nature, beautiful lacotions and communication. We also practice English, because ,ost of our trips are in English.
  • Where is it?
    In beautiful and atmospheric locations near Moscow (in the nearst Moscow region): eco-farms, breweries, vintage cottages, cheese dairies, and so on.
  • How to get there?
    The price includes a transfer by minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from Moscow and back.
    We meet at the metro in the center of Moscow and go by bus all together.
  • What is the price?
    The cost of trips starts from 3500 rubles. Please note that we do not accept payment on the day of travel. Please purchase your ticket in advance on our website.
Schedule and tickets
Booking information
Please read this information before you book:

— Due to the nature of the event it is only for 18+ guests.
— We kindly ask you to speak English. If you forget a word in English, our expert will be of your help.
— Once full payment is made you will be registered on the particular meet up. 1 day prior to the event you will receive WhatsApp message with address and other details. You don't need any other confirmation.
— We accept no cash on the date of the event. Please note all the payment should be made online.
— Cancellations made 3 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund.
— Please avoid driving after the event.
— Due to epidemiological situation you will be check at the entrance with distance thermometer. If you have high temperature (37,2 and more) you are not allowed to participate in the event without any refund. Sorry.
— Due to the epidemiological situation, we reserve the right to cancel the event at any time. You will receive the full refund.
    Got any questions left?
    Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them. No calls, only WhatsApp messages.
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