Online events

We provide online wine, cider and beer tastings for remote teams
Wine, beer or cider tastings
We conduct online wine, beer and cider tastings for teams from different cities.

Online tasting price starts from 12,000 rubles/$160 per evening.

The number of participants is not limited.

In Russian or in English
We conduct tastings in Russian or English. All guests will also receive a dictionary of wine/beer/cider terms in 2 languages.
All included option
We have developed boxes for online tastings. You only need to choose a box, we will take care of all the rest.

Delivery to other countries is possible with some modifications.
Or we can help you with buying drinks
Or you can buy drinks yourself. We will help you with your choice and logistics. There are a fairly large number of brands that can be found in many countries around the world.
How does it work
You receive the box
Each participant will receive the same box with drinks, snacks and supplies. And for non-drinking guests, we have options with soft drinks.
We meet in Zoom
On the appointed day, we meet at Zoom (or at another site convenient for you) and conduct a tasting.
We drink and play a quiz
We will taste wine/beer/cider under the guidance of an experienced sommelier and play a small quiz on the theme of the evening.
Event calculation
How many people
What event your are interested in?
What language?
Do you want to order boxes?
Planned date
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