Taste&Talk gift certificates

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Gift certificates for any occasion
  • For any event, course or particular amount
    You can buy a certificate for any of our events, courses or for any amount. To order a certificate for the amount, please fulfill the form below, and we will send you a link to pay for the certificate.
  • Valid for 6 months
    The gift certificate is valid for 6 months. If there is the next lockdown, the certificate will be automatically extended for the duration of the lockdown.
  • Paper or electronic
    The certificate may be paper or electronic. Delivery of a paper certificate is paid separately.

    We can send a paper certificate for online course to any city by the first class of the Russian Post.
  • Delivery of paper certificates
    Courier delivery in Moscow inside the MKAD: 350 rubles.
    Courier delivery in Moscow outside the MKAD: 550 rubles.
    Delivery by Russian Post: within the Russian Federation 200 rubles and 350 rubles for other countries.

Order the certificate with particular amount
The recipient will be able to choose any event(s) or course within indicated amount. We will send you a payment link in WhatsApp.
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