Social meetups in English in Moscow

Perfect place to have fun and meet new friends
We are Taste&Talk team and we make meetups and events in Russian and English for private and corporate clients.

Informal, helpful and very sincere. Mostly we do wine, beer, cider, cocktails, and other delicious drinks tastings in an interactive format.
Our events
Sincere atmosphere
We do not hold lectures, our goal is communication and relax.

We try different activities, socialize and have fun.
Foreign languages
Most of our events are held in English.

Our events are suitable for all language levels, from beginners to pros. Expats are always welcome at our events.
Useful knowledge
At our events, you will not only relax, but also learn a lot of new things and acquire useful skills.

For example, you will learn how to choose good wine, understand craft beer and prepare cool cocktails in 30 seconds.
New friends
Interesting communication is the main reason why guests come to our events. We meet in a pleasant intelligent atmosphere in the company of new friends.
Cozy places
We hold our events in beautiful modern spaces: in cozy wine cellars, unusual lofts and classy bars and restaurants in the center of Moscow.
Affordable price
The cost of our events varies from 500₽ to 4500₽. And for regular guests we have a system of discounts and subscriptions.
Feedback on our events
Any of our events
Can be given as a gift or ordered to your party
Give your loved ones unforgettable emotions and experience.
We organize birthdays, bachelorette parties, stag parties and other cool parties.
Events for business
For various tasks
For your team and employees
Cheerful and sincere team buildings, where each employee will be able to prove himself and communicate with colleagues in an informal setting.
For clients
An interesting event for current and future customers is an excellent marketing ploy. Together with you, we will carefully integrate your product presentation and sales tools into the script of the evening.
For partners
Want to thank and please partners? Arrange an unusual event for them to strengthen your partnerships and outline new joint projects.
How we can be useful
We work with companies of any size around the world
We can make original tastings and events in your office or at any other venue in Russian and English.
We organize events for teams all over the world. We have an experience of participating guests from different countries in one online event.
Gift certificates and holiday boxes with delivery for your employees, partners and customers.
Some of our corporate clients
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