wine LOver online course

The complete practical wine course for beginners
What it is about?
This is practical online course about wine. No sommelier slang or difficult explanations. Only practical info, lifehacks and lists of wines and producers to try.

There are 6 video lectures. Each lesson is dedicated to a separate topic and takes 30-40 minutes.

1. Intro to wine tasting.
2. Main white and red wines, rosé, sparkling, sweet.
3. France.
4. Italy.
5. Spain, Germany and Portugal.
6. New World: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa.
As a result of the course you will:
1. Learn how to taste, drink and store wine correctly.

2. Learn how to read and understand wine labels from different countries.

3. Learn how to recognize the main grape varieties, understand the difference between them.

4. Get essential and structured information about the main wines and grape varieties of all the major wine producing countries.

5. Learn how to choose a good wine.
Wine Lover online course
The complete practical wine course for beginners
6 lectures
6 lectures, presentations and tests to sum up your knowledge. All the materials remain with you forever.
3-6 weeks
You need to pass the course. But you can do it in a 1 week. Study at your own comfortable pace.
136 students
From 8 countries are studying now at the course.
Detailed presentations
For each lesson we made detailed and informative presentations.

Please note: there are a lot of cool wine producers in the presentations. These lists will serve you as excellent tips on which wine to buy for many years after the end of the course.
Tests to sum up your knowledge
Each lesson is followed by the short test of 10 questions. Tests are checked automatically, and you will get the result right away.

Taking tests is always up to you. But we strongly recommend passing the tests to sum up and check your knowledge.
The price is only $44,99
The price includes 6 video lessons, 6 presentations, and 6 tests to check your knowledge.

Video lessons and presentations remain with you forever.

You make a secured payment via PayPal or any debit or credit card. You have 30 day to get your money back if you don't like the course.

You can enable English captions or automatically translated YouTube captions to your language.

You get double benefits: study wine and practice English. You will learn all main wine terms in English that you will need during your wine travels.
Study at your own pace
All course materials remain with you forever. You can practice at your own pace and at convenient time. We keep in touch and always happy to answer your questions.
Wine Lover online course
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Maria Saulina, Taste&Talk founder, course tutor.
Hi Wine lovers! Welcome to our cool and easy Wine Lover online course.

Though we cannot conduct our awesome wine tastings now, we won't get sad and waste our time. We will prepare and study different wines.

In this course I collected for you all the basic and super-useful wine knowledge and lifehacks. Short and sweet.

Be sure to save the presentations because there are lists of cool producers. Tips for years to come.

I hope you enjoy the course and find it quite useful for you. And enjoy your wine!

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