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The ultimate wine tastings in English and Russian in Moscow
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COVID-19 restrictions
Dear guests, as you know we have always been on the side of safety and vaccines. Our team is now actively doing vaccinations, and many of our guests have done them already.

But while not everyone has vaccines and the situation remains uncertain, we decided that:

✅ There will be events in July, but they will all be either outdoor or online.

✅ We are going to have some picnics and tastings outside Moscow. The schedule is already at our website.

✅ The validity of all previously purchased gift certificates is extended by 1 month.
What it is about?
We offer something different and extremely cool. We'll bring you to a wine tasting and introduce you to an array of the finest wines. All of this will be in English.
Who may join?
It's ideal for both amateurs and wine experts. Your level of English, age, how much you know about wine – doesn't matter, but what does is your love for wine.

Our tastings are not like lectures. We talk a lot, have fun, laugh and relax in an informal atmosphere.
Not only tasting
We are going to play wine games, do a blind tasting and make some wine experiments.

After the tasting we can stay for 1 more glass of wine and chat.
Our wine tastings are held in the heart of Moscow, at the cozy wine bars. A perfect match for a perfect day out, enjoy a beautiful night with wine lovers!
Price from 2 400 RUB
Price starts from 2400 RUB depending on the topic and number of samples.

Please note we don't accept cash. We kindly ask to buy our ticket online beforehand.
How we do it
We speak English
We have tastings in English and in Russian. We'll give a wine vocabulary list, so you'll have all words and phrases you will need in two languages.
We discover
Our wine expert introduces the topic and tutors you while you are learning wines from the list, their style and peculiarities.
We make notes
Each guest will have a wine tasting card for making notes. It helps you to choose a wine through the tasting.
We discuss
Tasting each wine is followed by a discussion – our guests and the expert share their ideas about the wine.
We learn wines
Guided by the wine expert, our guests are learning about wines: what they love more and what is the style.
We play games
All tastings are followed by a small wine quiz and a blind tasting. The whole event takes 2 hours.
Schedule and tickets
Booking information
Please read this information before you book:

— Due to the nature of the event it is only for 18+ guests.
— We kindly ask you to speak English. Once you forget a word in English, our wine expert will be of your help.
— Once full payment is made you will be registered on the particular meet up. 1 day prior to the event you will receive WhatsApp message with address and other details. You don't need any other confirmation.
— We accept no cash on the date of the event. Please note all the payment should be made online.
— Cancellations made 3 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund.
— Please avoid driving after the event.
— Due to epidemiological situation you will be check at the entrance with distance thermometer. If you have high temperature (37,2 and more) you are not allowed to participate in the event without any refund. Sorry.
— Due to the epidemiological situation, we reserve the right to cancel the event at any time. You will receive the full refund.
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    You will understand how wine is made and why winemakers add sulfur dioxide. Learn 4 colors of wine and what style wine can be.
    Main grape varieties
    80% of all wines in the world are made from 20-25 main grape varieties. We will discuss the top 10 varieties, wines from different countries, sparkling and dessert wines.
    How to choose good wine
    Right after watching the course, you will be able to choose good wine in a store or a restaurant. You will learn how to read wine labels correctly.
    How to drink and serve wine
    You will learn how to taste and describe wine correctly, learn what glasses to buy and how to serve and store wine properly.
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