Watching and discussing a movie in English
What it is about?
Watching and discussing a movie in English together in the relaxed atmosphere of the Brunch.
Normally we watch movie with English subtitles. But can be Russian in some cases.
Brunch discussion
After the movie we discuss it together, its main idea, the motivation of the main characters, the plan of the creators. We are sure to prepare a short lecture about the director and the crew.

During the movie and discussion you can order any drinks and food, including alcohol.
How much
Price for 1 ticket is 500 rubles. You order and pay for your drinks and food separately.
Booking information
Please read this information before you book:

— Due to the nature of the event it is only for 18+ guests.
— We kindly ask you to speak English. Once you forget a word in English, our wine expert will be of your help.
— Once full payment is made you will be registered on the particular meet up. 1 day prior to the event you will receive WhatsApp message with address and other details. You don't need any other confirmation.
— We accept no cash on the date of the event. Please note all the payment should be made online.
— Cancellations made 3 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund.
— Please avoid driving after the event.
— Due to epidemiological situation you will be check at the entrance with distance thermometer. If you have high temperature (37,2 and more) you are not allowed to participate in the event without any refund. Sorry.
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