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Moscow on May 22, 2019

Individual entrepreneur Saulin Roman Vladislavovych
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Public offer agreement on the sale of online ticket services

1. General Provisions:
1.1. Roman Saulin, an individual entrepreneur, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", publishes a Public Offer on the implementation of Services posted on the Seller's official website
1.2. In accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (GK RF), this document is a public offer, and in case of accepting the conditions set out below, an individual who accepts this offer makes payment for the Seller's Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, payment for the Service by the Buyer is an acceptance of the offer, which is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Agreement on the conditions set out in the offer.
1.3. Based on the above, carefully read the text of the public offer, and if you do not agree with any clause of the offer, you are asked to refuse to use the Services provided by the Seller.
1.4. In this offer, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the following meanings:
- "Offer" - a seller's public offer, addressed to any individual (citizen), to conclude an agreement with him on the existing conditions contained in the Agreement, including all of its annexes.
- "Buyer" - an individual who has entered into an Agreement with the Seller on the terms contained in the Agreement.
- "Acceptance" - full and unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the terms of the Agreement.
- "Events/Social meet ups (services)" - a list of names of the range presented on the official website.
- "Ticket" - an electronic ticket entitling the Buyer to participate in events organized by the Seller, indicated by the Buyer when making a ticket on the Internet site or through the Operator.

2. Subject of the agreement
2.1. The Seller sells tickets and tickets in accordance with the current price list published on the Seller's website "", and the Buyer makes the payment and accepts the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
2.2. This Agreement and its annexes are official documents of the Seller and an integral part of the offer.

3. Ordering
3.1. Ticket and Subscription purchase is carried out by the Buyer through the Internet site
3.2. When buying on the Seller's website, the Buyer undertakes to provide the following registration information about yourself:
• last name, first name,
• e-mail address;
• contact phone (mobile, landline).
3.3. When placing an Order through the Operator, the Buyer undertakes to provide the information specified in clause
3.2. actual agreement. The Buyer accepts the terms of this Agreement by means of the Buyer entering the relevant data into the registration form on the Internet site or when processing the Ticket through the Operator. The buyer has the right to edit the registration information about yourself. The Operator does not change or edit the registration information about the Buyer without the consent of the latter. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's data provided during registration on the site and when placing the Order, to persons not related to the execution of the Order. Having approved the Order of the selected Service, the Buyer shall provide the Operator with the necessary information in accordance with the procedure specified in clause 3.2. actual agreement.
3.4. The Seller and the Operator are not responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer when placing the Order.
3.5. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when ordering.
3.6. Payment by the Buyer of an Order placed on the Website itself means the Buyer's consent to the terms of this Agreement. The day of payment of the Order is the date of conclusion of the Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer.
3.7. All informational materials presented on the site, are for reference only and cannot fully convey accurate information about certain properties and characteristics of the Service. If the Buyer has any questions regarding the Service, before placing the Order, he should contact the Operator for advice.

4. Ticket Payment
4.1. The buyer makes the payment online on the website Payment in cash is not accepted.
4.2. Prices for events listed on the website "" may be changed unilaterally by the Seller without notifying the Buyer. In the event of a change in the price of the ordered Services, the Operator undertakes to inform the Buyer of such a change as soon as possible. The buyer has the right to confirm or cancel the order. In the absence of communication with the Buyer, the Order is considered canceled within 14 calendar days from the date of registration.
4.3. Money are accepted by non-cash payment.

5. Return ticket
5.1. In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", a ticket buyer has the right to unilaterally refuse to perform a paid service agreement prior to the event and return the ticket subject to payment to the Seller of the actual costs incurred by him .
5.2. In all cases, the return of the ticket and / or money, including the return of the ticket due to the fault of the Buyer, tickets are accepted on the basis of the application of the Buyer and a copy of the passport, no later than 3 (three) days before the event. After the specified time, tickets are not accepted, cash is not refunded.
5.3. In case of late arrival to the event and / or non-attendance of the event for any reason, the cost of the ticket is not refundable.
5.4. Returned and exchanged tickets are purchased only on the official website of the Seller
5.5. In cases of replacement, cancellation or postponement of the event, the cost of the checked-in tickets is reimbursed to the Buyer in full. Tickets are accepted on the following dates:
when replacing the event - from the moment of the official notification of the replacement of the event until the beginning of the replaced event;
when transferring an event - from the moment of official notification about the transfer of an event, but no later than two days before the start of the postponed event;
when canceling an event - from the moment of official notification about the cancellation of the event, but no later than 10 days from the date of the canceled event specified in the ticket.
5.6. The return of the ticket price is carried out by transferring funds to the Buyer card, with which he paid for the ticket, within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Buyer's Application by the Seller. In this case, it is possible to return only all tickets from the order, a partial return of the order is not allowed. For the return of tickets and money, you must e-mail to send an application in an arbitrary electronic form and a copy of the passport. The term for crediting funds to a bank card depends on the processing of payments by the cardholder's bank.
5.7. Refunds are carried out only at the nominal cost of tickets.

6. Rights, obligations and responsibilities
6.1. The Seller is not responsible for the improper use of Tickets by the Buyer, ordered on the website or through the Operator.
6.2. The seller has the right to transfer his rights and obligations for the execution of orders to third parties.
6.3. The seller has the right to record telephone conversations with the Buyer. In accordance with paragraph 4 of Art. 16 of the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection" the Seller undertakes to: prevent attempts of unauthorized access to information and / or transmission to persons who are not directly related to the execution of Orders; timely detect and prevent such facts. Telephone conversations are recorded in order to monitor the activities of the Operator and monitor the quality of execution of Orders.
6.4 The seller has the right to use photo and video materials made during the event, at his discretion, including for advertising purposes. By purchasing a ticket on the site, the Buyer agrees to the use of his photo and video.
6.5. All claims for improper execution of the order, the Buyer has the right to send to the email address specified on the website, in the Contacts section. All received information is processed as soon as possible.

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