29.09| Wednesday | 7:30 | Mixed wine battle

Beer and cider
There will be 4 rounds:  

  1. Chip vs expensive wine: we’ll figure out whether thy differ that much.
  2. New World vs Old World: we’ll discuss the difference and learn to distinguish them blindly.
  3. Russia vs the world: we’ll go through Russian wine theme.
  4. Blend vs single variety: we’ll discuss popular blends and what they can be like.  

4 pairs =8 kinds of wine – fun and beneficial evening for all the wine lovers. The tasting will suit both connoisseurs and amateurs in wine. Blind tasting of 8 wines under the supervision of an experienced sommelier and a few appetizers are included in the price.

Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Language: English
Place: to be confirmed
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