20.10| Wednesday | 7:30 | Spanish dinner

Вино, сидр
Hola, España! We invite you to a bright and incendiary Spanish tasting dinner. We are going to taste Spanish tapas, pinchas, and of course the queen of the Spanish table - # nbsp; paella. # Nbsp;

We will serve all this delicious food with Spanish cider and wines, telling you about the history of Spanish gastronomy and winemaking. 

We will talk a lot about Spanish wine, what style it can be, about the trend for natural wines. We taste and discuss cider separately because it occupies an important place in Spanish culture. And at the end you will have a small quiz on Spanish gastronomy. # Nbsp;

The price includes: a tasting set of Spanish dishes (appetizers + paella), tasting of 2 ciders, 3 wines and sparkling cava for a welcome drink. # Nbsp;

Knowledge of Spanish is a plus. It is possible that there will be some parts in Russian too. The main thing is love for Spanish cuisine and drinks, and we will always find a common language. # Nbsp;  

Time: 7:30-10:00pm
Language: English/Spanish/Russian
Place: restaurant Pa-Paella, Bankovsky lane, 5. 
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