02.07 | Saturday | 18:00 | French art+wine therapy (Eng+Rus)

Saturday art therapy: we will paint pictures and taste wine in the current workshop of hereditary artists. No drawing skills are required: our professional artist will tell you all the secrets, and at the end you will take home a painting that you will not be ashamed to hang in your living room.

To immerse yourself in the art atmosphere fully and relax, we will try different wines. And our sommeliers will tell you about what kind of wine, variety and style you have in your glass, how to properly taste wine and how to begin to understand it.

And it's all in English! Fivefold benefit and pleasure: learning to draw masterpieces, tasting wines, practicing the language, learning new things and communicating.

The price includes a master class on painting a picture: we provide all the materials (paints, canvases, etc.), you, of course, take the picture home and show off at home. As well as wine tasting under the guidance of a sommelier.

Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Language: English
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