22.10 | Saturday | 18:00 | Pinot Noir from around the world

Pinot Noir is the most autumnal and diverse variety, ideal for the mysterious atmosphere of late October. Some examples of this variety are calm and restrained, and some of them are bright and revealing deep fruity shades.

At the tasting, we will taste different examples of Pinot Noir and try to find there aromas of foliage, autumn forest, earth after rain, mushrooms and late berries. It sounds crazy, but these are the aromas that can be recognized in the wine of this variety. 

We will try 5 types of Pinot Noir from different countries and learn about its features. Our sommeliers will tell you how Pinot Noir changes depending on the region, how to understand this variety and what to look for when choosing wine.

We promise: no boring lectures and tediousness. Let's focus on practice and your personal feelings from wines in a glass.

Time: 18:00-20:00
Language: English 
Place: cafe "Igroki" (кафе "Игроки") (Kazakova, 8, building 2, m. Kurskaya)
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