24.08 | Wednesday | 19:30 | Blind wine battle: find Russia

The most trendy wine theme and the most fun tasting format in one event.

Winemaking in Russia is developing very fast, reaching the world level. However, there are still many myths and stereotypes about Russian wine.

There will be two glasses in front of you: in one - wine from Russia, in another glass - wine from another country. Can you blindly tell wines from Russia from wines from Europe, South America and other famous wine regions of the world? 

At the tasting, we will taste wines from the best Russian wineries, dispel myths about Russian wine and find out if Russian wines can compete with the legends of the Old and New Worlds.

We will also talk about all the wine basics and basic terms so that new winelovers get the most out of tasting, and tell you how to taste wine correctly. Without tediousness and snobbery! At the end, as usual, we will play a wine quiz.

Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Language: English
Place: updated.
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