05.06 | Sunday | 18:00 | Wine beer

beer and cider
The perfect beer event for wine fans! Tasting about the interconnection between two seemingly different drinks: wine and beer.

Few people know that brewers worry about the brewing process no less than winemakers with the winemaking process. For British guys, barley wine replaced grape wine a long time ago.

Brewers from all over the world borrow techniques and methods from winemakers that allow them to create magic with their drink. Beer geeks are experimenting with aging, barrels and in every possible way bother with the richness of taste.

The hot trend now is also hybrid varieties! Some beers are made with grapes used by winemakers. If you're a wine lover and want to start to understand beer, grape ales and lambics are perfect for you.

At the tasting, we will try the coolest and most sophisticated styles of beer that are made according to “wine” techniques (and sold at “wine” prices). Let's understand the world of beer that is aged in cellars, explore the synergy of drinks and enjoy interesting flavors and aromas.

Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Language: English
Place: is updated.
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